At the age of 12, Santa Claus brought me my very first camera. A compact, analogue device from Pentax. The photography microbe has stayed with me ever since.
In 1998 I acquired my very first digital camera. Although it only had a digital zoom and a mesmerizing 2,1 megapixel sensor, I was immediately won for digital photography as it allowed me to experiment without needing to worry about the cost price afterwards. When social media started to take over the world, but not many of my fellow students had access to either a scanner or digital camera, getting your picture taken by me was a popular request at high school.
While being a student, I took a job as web designer which I combined with my job behind the bar of a fast food restaurant and saved up to buy my very first digital reflex camera. This ended up being a Canon EOS 300D Rebel, which has stayed with me for nearly 10 years.
Meanwhile I also ended up being a member of photography clubs and organizations, and quite a few times enjoyed the opportunity to make a few extra pennies taking pictures “professionally”. My work was available to publishers through several photo agencies in Holland and abroad.
Nowadays some of my work is still available through photo agencies, and I’ve acquired photo journalist accreditation.
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